How do you make a 90 degree turn?

I need to make a turn for my railroad. How do I make it so that its perfectly 4 studs apart on each rail?

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I’m a little confused about this, could you include a picture of what you are looking to create? Or what you are actually creating?

What i would do is measure out a part 4 studs and then put the rails on both ends of the part were the rails are parallel to each other, then delete the part thats 4 studs.

One way to do it is use a little trick like this:

(This each square in this grid is 4x4)

Start by placing two track pieces four studs long, four studs away from each other, and then duplicate that three times and place them like so.

Green is the start of the 90 degree curve, red is the end of it. Grey is needed to rotate around the center of mass, which in this case is visualized by the blue brick.

Then, select the red and grey.

Then, rotate 15 degrees and duplicate.

Continue until you meet the start track piece.

Next, using the resize align plugin, : Stravant - ResizeAlign - Roblox

…we can then select the ends of the parts that are sticking out.

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 9.19.15 PM

This will allow them to meet at a perfect angle.

Do this for all the inner track pieces, and you have yourself a perfect 90 degree bend, that fits on the 4x4 grid!


There’s a far quicker and easier way of doing this.

Wow, the person who made that plugin is the same person who I used a reference photo above.