How Do You Make A Barrage?

Hello, I am trying to make a barrage attack with multiple hits but can’t seem to get it working or find it does any have an idea how to make it like this but on the player it self.

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Well first you need to make an animation, then have a script where it plays and then loop it a couple times. Then make a script where when the thing that is doing the barrage attack hits something damage is dealt to it. This can be done using remote events via communication between a local and server script.

I used raycast for this and the only problem is that it only hits once.

Oh sorry i thought you wanetd to make a barrage like the video, but I realise know that it is your video

I dont really understand what your asking since it seems in the video it is hitting multiple times

That is not me in the video it was just example.(Sorry for the misunderstanding)
Because i still don’t have a clue how to make it hit multiple times.

Use GetPartBoundsInBox to detect everything in front of the player.

Ah ok. Well can u make it so that when u activate the barrage it activates a script that anything touching the barrage will be consistently damaged.

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maybe fire a raycast two times a second?