How do you make a Car?

I have been trying to make a car in roblox for the last few days and I just can’t figure it out. I know I could easily make one with roblox’s VehicleSeat but those cars are glitchy, inefficient , and can’t drift.

I want the car to be your character so I have got the CharacterAutoLoads off and just use a alternative ControlScript to control the car. I am having trouble with all the math behind the car and I feel like it could be way more efficient way to make it.

What BodyMover should I use?

How can I stop/make it drift?

Any tutorials I can use?(All the ones I fond used a free model)

Any other Tips, Tricks, or advice?


Open up the Roblox template place with racing. Those cars are pretty well scripted and will give you a good idea of where to start.

Good luck!!


If you want to make a good car you’ll need to understand the essentials of rigid body physics and how to properly use Vector maths like Cross products and Object and world space. You’ll also need to understand some basics of harmonic motion and control theory to make your car actually drive-able.


From what Madattack and SpaceK has taught me, the cars are just hover cars that use body thrusts to push the car up and a gyro on the chassis to keep it level. The wheels are simply an aesthetic and they are positioned by raycasting downwards and having the wheels placed just above the ground or at the maximum suspension point you’ve set for your vehicle.


My car with body thrust just peels out