How do you make a custom watermark?

Hey, everyone! I’ve seen numerous custom watermarks around each platform. Twitter, DevForum, and so on.

I’ve been struggling to contact an artist who makes custom watermarks. Reasonable prices for the quality, yet it never accrued to me how you would make them?

So now I’m here, asking for your guys’ help. How do you make a custom watermark? If you have any video or images you can provide with, it’d be amazing.

I’m sure many other Robloxians are wondering the same…

Thanks in advance!


Make an image your name or something then lower the opacity of it so its half way


Adding to this, make sure that its transparent too. :slight_smile:


Yeah, but with all the effects and details. Also, if there’s any artist who’s commissions are open for custom watermarks, please DM me! punk#0002

Here’s what I mean, I forgot to mention that in the topic.

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I think custom watermarks look great, but aren’t really practical and can sometimes be damaging. If they aren’t some type of font and the artist who is using them aren’t that well known, most people probably won’t be able to check out their roblox profile or twitter because they just don’t know who they are. An easy to read font with about 50% opacity works well and it’s easier for potential clients to read. If they’re are a more famous artist, than a custom watermark/logo makes more sense because people can already recognize who it is. For my art I just use a simple bolded font and it looks fine


I understand what you mean.

to achieve that artistic and cool looking watermarks you gotta draw them. there’s no software that will just make you a watermark. when you commission someone for a watermark they draw the entire thing with their hands, but if aren’t a artist like me you can search up and download cool fonts combine them in some image manipulation software i recommend photoshop (paid) but gimp (free) works well too.

this is what i made for my GFX


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there just digitally drawn signatures normally with a graphic pen and tablet but you could use a mouse, here’s a video