How do you make a feedback Gui with Discord webhook?

I wanted to make a feedback Gui that I can use for my Games, Plugins, etc.
How do I make a feedback system which sends the players feedback on discord using a webhook?
I am still learning Lua and would be glad if someone helps me with this. :slight_smile:

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Short answer: You can’t
Long answer: You technically can however it’s against Discord ToS due to evading a block placed by them, so you shouldn’t

Oh alright. I didn’t know discord’s ToS is this strict.

It’s not that they’re strict, it’s that people were abusing webhooks (mostly using Discord as a logging service, which was already clearly outlined to be a no-no from the start, however many users were also ignoring the request limit and spamming them up) so Discord placed an outright block on all requests from Roblox.

Wrong. You can send webhooks to discord, but they blocked ROBLOX’s servers because people were doing ridiculous things like sending chat messages. You can send webhooks using 3rd party applications off the dev forum. A simple search would provide you with WebhookProxy | Discord webhooks go brrrrrrr - #100 by Dheergamerx

Evading any kind of block on Discord is obviously against their ToS for hopefully obvious reasons.

Please would you like the passage in the TOS that states that? Do you mean this:

Don’t use the services to do harm to Discord. Among other things, this includes trying to gain access to or attacking our systems, scraping us, transmitting viruses or other malicious code to our services, abusing or defrauding us or our payment systems, copying our product or using our intellectual property without permission, and misusing our reporting or customer service mechanisms.

nearly all games use discord webhooks and there is nothing wrong with using it for a feedback gui.

If the official Discord twitter isn’t enough proof then I don’t know what is.

The reasoning:

Note: It’s been a couple years since those tweets and the Dev ToS has since changed so the sections mentioned are now completely different.

Ok so a few tweets from 4 years ago, on the ToS it says nothing about what the mentioned so there isn’t any reason to be shy about it. Plus what are they gonna do, how are they gonna know about it? Maybe the webhooks runs a couple of times a day (I don’t know how big the game is). Not a big deal. The reason they blocked it (and likely what they were talking about in the tweets) is that people were connecting chats to it. A report is far different to a chat

You can read my comment, it is possible and many people do it

Have you considered many people also exploit? And that many people also sell robux + limiteds offsite?

Yeah so um. An Official Discord Staff Member said we could use proxys as along its rate limited.

Take a look:

“But that’s from 2018!” - as much as it’s from 2018, that was the last official statement from an official discord staff member about the situation.

So in other words, yes, we can with a proxy, but it has to be rate limited.

To the OP @pugluv_Gamez if you want to make a feedback GUI with a Discord Webhook, you’ll need to use a proxy. There are plenty tutorials and resources on the DevForum that could help.

Alright, thanks for this information.

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If you think I meant “many people do it so it must be fine” that’s not what I meant. I said because so many people do it without issue it clearly is fine, plus exploitation and webhooks are very very different