How do you make a neon, checkpoint and a truss?

Hi there! I’m kind of new to building, but as I have a new project upcoming, I’m practising for it! Do you guys know how to make neon, glowing white spawn/checkpoint and like a truss? If there is an easy way, please let me know!

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What do you mean by neon? A neon block is just a material! make the blocks color white in the properties of the part, then make the material neon.

Yeah, but like a spawn or a checkpoint. Also, how do you make a truss or like is there a way to find it?

Well Im not sure what you mean by truss. Could you explain what you want by “truss”? - nevermind I can show you how

For the spawn point, remove the Decal you find inside of the checkpoint. Then, customize the material of the block to Neon, and change the color if you’d like.

For getting a Truss, I recommend just searching it up in the toolbox and you should find one made by Roblox that will work just fine.

Like you know in obbies, you see truss to climb. Like that.

I will show you how, the easiest way is to follow these simple steps.
1: open Roblox studio and select a preset, or a game.
2: hover your mouse over “Workspace” where all blocks are kept. It should look like this Screenshot 2020-10-11 111149
3: click the plus button to the right of workspace, it will appear after hovering over workspace. ( or any object at all)
4: use the search bar and look up “Truss”
Screenshot 2020-10-11 111235
5: select the Truss Part
6: scale to your likes.
Final Result:

This is only partially invisible because I was in the middle of scaling it, and once you are dont scaling it will go back to its original transparency. Also remember that these can only be scaled taller or shorter, so if you want more than one truss just duplicate it and move the other truss to the right or left for a bigger space to climb. Control + D to duplicate.

Two separated truss’s together to make one wide truss:

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@UnfamiliarServant & @Aerosphia | Thanks, you two! That kind of helped me. Is anyone of you available to team create with me? That would be helpful if so. :slight_smile:

I am available to team create, I can also help if you need any scripts.

Alr, add me on Discord. Ty for willing to help.

Discord: s.#1000

Alright, I sent you a request. You can tell who I am because I have a NASA profile picture. ( plus the name of the account is “Fraini” )

you can also right click, insert object, truss part

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Yeah, just realized that from @UnfamiliarServant. Thanks!

Thank you!! :smiley: (chars…)

No need to be rude about it, she did mention that she is new.

on her profile it says she has been a dev for 3 years…

Being a Roblox developer doesn’t require using studio, you notice she’s under the artists group.

she said “I have been developing on roblox for 3 years” notice how she said “on roblox”

Yeah, on roblox so what, she can make game icons for someone and that’d be considered being a dev on Roblox.

Graphic designing isn’t called developing. And on her profile it says she is a builder for a group