How do you make a part not fall WITHOUT anchoring it?

(First of all, my bad if it’s not the right category, I really had no idea if I should’ve put this in Building Support or Scripting Support).
What are you attempting to achieve?
I want a part to not fall even if it’s not anchored, since I need it to rotate of 360° with a BodyAngularVelocity.
** What is the issue?**
BodyAngularVelocity doesn’t work on anchored parts.

I’ll explain the full thing here:
Basically, what i’m trying to obtain is to rotate a part of 360°, I tried with TweenService but I have to do goals a couple of times to separate Size, Transparency and, ofc, the spinning, since I don’t want them all togheter and the maximum spinning is 180°. SO I decided to look up if there’s any other way of doing it without writing a lot of more lines of code, and I found out that you can actually use “BodyAngularVelocity” to rotate it. BUT it doesn’t work on anchored part, so here we are with my question: How do you make a part not fall WITHOUT anchoring it?
Also, I know there are welds, but it glitches my part into the player.


You can use a body position for this.

Seems to be working, but the part moves when it gets cloned. I set the part.Position to my
char.LowerTorso.Position and change Y axis of -1.7 so that it goes to the center of the legs, but the part moves from up to down when it gets cloned. Is it something related to the BodyPosition properties?

You can set the Velocity of the part to 0.

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It’s at 0,0,0 already, since it’s the default setting when you make a part.

Try tweaking with the dampening and power of the BodyPosition. It’s probably overshooting a bit because there’s not enough dampening.


Alright I’ll try that, thanks.

I think your question is answered but honestly, you shouldn’t be prioritizing shorter code just because you can’t make some tweens that takes up more lines. You could use a TweenInfo variable to possibly optimize for shorter code. I’d recommend an anchored part and CFrame tweening but if you need it unanchored, then this isn’t the solution.

I guess I’ll use the “more codes” method I’ve got, since as you said, I doubt there’s a solution to this. Would prob take more code than what my method already has. I just wanted to check if there is a way of doing it with a minimal code lines usage, to make it cleaner.

Use a BodyVelocity inside the part:


and change its properties to:

If you do not change the MaxForce property, the part can still “fall” if the size of the part is too big since the maxForce limit would be reached if its limit is too low.


you could try using the body position and to prevent the cloning issue, you could make a collision group ONLY for that part and disable its collision with itself. That way, it can collide with everything except for its clones.

Sorry for being so late to this btw

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