How do you make a part stick to a player when a tool is equiped

How do I make a part stick to a player when the player equips a tool? I’m kind of bad at scripting so I don’t know how.

pls help

Use WeldConstraint

Set Part0 to the player, part1 to the part.

It doesn’t seem to work do you know what I did wrong?


You got three options for this. The simplest is enabling the “RequiresHandle” property on the tool and adding a Part named “Handle”. Next one is to use a WeldConstraint as @IanSliders mentioned, you will need some basic scripting understanding to utilize this. The last method is to use Motor6D’s if you are using advanced animations, this will also require some scripting knowledge.

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Ok i’ll try the 1st one since I’m not really a good scripter

Adding onto this, you will also need to make sure that the parts are not Anchored. If you have more than one part you will need to manually weld them to the main part of your choice, I’d use WeldConstraints to do this.

I keep trying but the part won’t stick to the player do you know what I should do?

Is the part anchored? If so unanchor it.