How do you make a payload system

I want to have a payload system, so you escort a part/model and it slowly reaches a position. I have tried multiple things with pathfinding but it doesn’t work. Is there a way I can accomplish this? Or keep going with pathfinding.


Your concern is unclear to me based on what you described in your post. Could you try to further elaborate your issue?


I am trying to make a payload that you can escort to an objective, skip to 24:11 [Aurora's] 9v21 Defense Win Against Imperium of Man - YouTube , you will see that people are on a “car” and they are slowly moving to a point.

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I see, apologies for my confusion. In this case, there are two (and potentially more) possible solutions.

The first is linear tweening. One potential issue with this method is the rate at which the target moves, which would require some math. TweenService only accepts the number in seconds for the rate, meaning you would need to manually evaluate the equivalent speed depending on the distance. (More explanation if you need).

The other is a loop (preferably using RunService.Heartbeat) that increases the position of the model (using PrimaryPart) by a certain number each time. Regardless of the direction you change it to, the rate at which it moves would stay the same. The downside to this is potential “choppiness” as well as the fact that it is a continuous loop updating data nonstop.


Would TweenService work for what you are doing? You can read on it here: TweenService

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You helped me as well, I would add you to the solution if I could thank you as well @Volieb

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Would the tween be interrupted if people stood on the part?

Not that I know of. The only thing I am not sure about is whether players will move along with the part that is being moved while standing on it.

As long as it is anchored it shouldn’t