How do you make a realistic horror game?

I’m trying to make a realistic horror game, but i need some tips regarding graphics and building.

I’ve started a lil bit on the building, i just don’t know where to go from here. Should i finish the building and then worry about the graphics, or should i do it while i build? Also, the graphics i’m lookin for is like dark but at the same time it has a lil bit of color in the lights.


To me it looks like you’re making a horror game inside a building.
I’m not good at giving tips so this is probably not a good advice but I will at least try to give you some.


I always put the Ambient and the OutdoorAmbient set to very dark black. Dark blue works too.

For EnvironmentSpecularScale I often set it to 1. It only has a big effect on materials with a MetalnessMap. (The higher the value the more lustrous metals get.)

EnvironmentSpecularScale set to 1 vs 0 (which setting to 0 basically just removes it’s metalness.)

And for EnvironmentalDiffuseScale however i barely see any difference most of the time making dark lighting. I heard it makes shadows darker if you set it to a lower value.

Now, ALWAYS set Technology to Future. If you already didn’t know it basically makes lights realistic except light coming from sunlight. It also gives better shadows. But this cost performance most of the time.

Here’s a comparison of ShadowMap and Future.


I wouldn’t be good at explaining this but i only have one thing to say.
The Glare and Haze will not be applied if your Lighting’s brightness is set to 0.
Atmospheric Effects | Roblox Creator Documentation This should give enough info about the Atmosphere


This depends on you if you want it to be colorful or not.

Like some horror games they always lack colors and it sort of gives a creepy feeling. You can achieve this effect by setting the Saturation less than 0.

Here’s an example of Saturation set to 0 vs 0.4 vs 0.65

Contrast can make your game look darker. And scarier too. not much to say but heres a comparison of Contrast set to 0 vs 0.1

Brightness well, adjusts your brightness. You can always set your brightness low but I don’t do that often.
TintColor is self-explanatory but i tend to do a color like #afcfff if i ever use it (i dont know the name of that color :skull:)


I suggest you put the size of blur as maximum 5 or 7. Not much to say about it though


This effect is self-explanatory. Depends on you if you want things to shine bright or not. I like to set it to look something like this
(second image is bloom effect disabled)

Not much of a difference but if you look closely there is

edit: forgot to make tips for building… I hope its fine because i dont know how to make tips for building lol


You shouldn’t create a new topic, there’s lots of topics about this. Search before to ask!

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Sorry, pretty new to posting here lol

Thank you! This improved my quality by A LOT


That’s really nice to hear! Keep going with your build! :blush:

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