How do you make a RemoteEvent when you fire it it's like SetCore

I was wondering how do you make a RemoteEvent act when you fire it, it’s like SetCore


game.StarterGui:SetCore("SendNotification", {
     Title = "this is a title"
     Text = "blabla"

Example RemoteEvent

game.ReplicatedStorage.ExampleRemote:FireServer("PrintAMessage", {
    Message = "testing123"
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Nothing’s wrong with it, they both work.
If you are trying to print a message then on the server you can try doing this:

RemoteEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(Player, Function, Table)
    if Function == "PrintAMessage" then -- If what you want to do is print the message
        print(Table.Message) -- Prints the message in the table
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Thank you for helping me.
It works!