How do you make a saving leaderstats

im trying to make a leaderstats that saves but with two things, i want cash and Areas, but for some dumb reason i cant seem to make both save, i tryd searching it up but all i could fined is some that only has like 1 thing or some that say they save but they dont! do you know the script for this?


You use DataStores, here are a few tutorials on them.


Don’t ask for people to make scripts for you. I’d recommend searching up on YT or the Devhub (


I had this question too! You have to use data stores, so @Bloxrrey post should be the solution

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He was just asking how you could. I don’t think he wanted to have us make a script for him


Alright, that makes sense.

I apologize if it sounded mean and I shouldn’t have said it that way


i tryed that already. for like a week now!

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Tried what? The Developer Hub has an article and @Bloxrrey shared tutorials

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i know im looking at them, thanks for letting me know

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one of them dont work the other video only shows how to save 1 leaderstats

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