How do you make a wall shift out of place and move back into place?

I have tried many scripts and I never have had enough time or skill to get it to fully work so my last option is to ask for help on the Dev Forum since it has never doubted me once.

I want the wall to move in and out and have other wall doing the same since I am making a game that is based on traps that you need to doge one being the move in and out wall.

If you have done this before and want to help me I would apricate it a lot.

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You can use TweenService. You can read a thread about it right here.

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If you just want to make it shift out like a sliding door, Iā€™d recommend using Cframe instead of TweenService like @IAmPinleon mentioned.

Why? Because I think for new players CFrame is much easier to use then TweenService. More info can be found here & here

Let me know if you need any further support!

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As @IAmPinleon mentioned, You can Tween Models.

To save the first position add a variable that saves the PrimaryPart CFrame and set the second position manually.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: