How do you make an animation ease?

To keep it short, I am making a combat system where you can change stance via key press, Issue is when I change the stance it snaps to the stance and doesnt realistically move to the stance.


I know this is an animation issue, However there was no animation support section and I assume the fix to this issue will most likely be something to do with scripting.


Art design support is used for animation issues.

I recommend adding more info first, however. E.g., Do you have an animation for the movements between animations? What have you tried? What does your script look like? etc.

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That’s true I could’ve just made it so that it plays 2 animations and I use a debounce in order to stop any bugs. My script is so sloppy atm I’d be embarrassed to put it here.

Don’t be. The DevForum is supposed to be a place where developers can talk and interact in a friendly environment. Also, if you knew that you could fix it, why didn’t you?

Also, also: I don’t believe it’s possible to solve it any other way besides using another animation. You could copy the tool along a path, but that’s the exact same thing, just with unnecessary more work.

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I didn’t know until you pointed it out and then it clicked, Lol, Thanks for the suggestion, I will be testing around with it tomorrow.

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2D Bezier curves for a Custom easestyle

Yeah that is not going to help, I’d have to make a ton of separate animations and I’m trying to do this in a much better way that doesn’t require me to do so much work.

I’ve tried using :AdjustSpeed and messing around with the arguments in :Play() but to no avail. I’m pretty sure there is a way to do this without having to make a bunch of separate animations.

I have 3 stances, R, E & Q, So I’d have to make animations that would transition from R > Q, Q > R, E > R, Q > E, R > E, Just seems like so much unnecessary work…

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