How do you make and script a Donation board?

Hello Developers’! I need help with some scripting stuff. I’m trying to make a donation board like you see here Unknown but I don’t know how to script it and I don’t know how to build the board its self. If you know how to help pls me out. Ty and cya soon fellow dev’s! :slight_smile:


Building the board requieres a part and a surfaceGui.
After that you’ll need to update the surfacegui with your datastore. You can sort Datastore and with this you can archeive this effect.


Is there a yt vid or a model I can download for the board?

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There are multiple videos and models for it.
Simply search around the web to find smth.
here is a video for example, not the best quality but I guess it get’s the job done


Ok thank you both for the help! Cya soon :slight_smile:

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I looked through this Model and it looks great.
I appreciate someone creating it and sharing it for free.

However, one of the scripts requires an external script:
require(389325813).Parent = script.Parent

This seems a bit opaque to me.
Could the owner of this external script change it at any time and insert something different?

  • Lord Zorblat

They can, yes, which is ultimately why it comes down to trust when you use a resource that involves requiring a module by its id. Since third party private modules can no longer be required if they aren’t public, you can fork a copy of the module into your project to avoid requiring by an id; you will lose the benefit of automatic updates if the resource is still actively maintained however.