How do you make custom animations?

I know there’s the scripts that allow you to paste your own animation ids in there, but it’s a bit wonky (unless I don’t know how to use it)

Here’s the wonky part. If your in first person or shiftlock and you hold A or D, it still plays the forward animation.

Arsenal’s and Phantom Forces animations like walking and running isn’t like those. How do I make a script or give an idea on how to make it like that? (also this counts as scripting I think)

Use character.Animate to change id’s. for all the animations play a game, go to the explorer, open your character navigate to Animate and check the children.

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I got confused after the words character.Animate

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What they mean is:

  • Play the game (with explorer opened)
  • Open up workspace
  • Open up a model named after you
  • Look for a LocalScript called “Animate”
  • Check the children
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oh. so do i need a script and if so, what do i do?

Yes, you’ll need the “Animate” script and you’ll have to replace all the IDs with your own. Afterwards, you’ll need to put the script in the “StarterCharacterScripts” folder.

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basically if the character is holding a make a separate strafe animation for that in the animate script of the huumanoid…

search up: how to have custom animations on a character, to learn more.



local walkid = 0

character:WaitForChild("Animate").walk.WalkAnimation.AnimationId = ""..walkid


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so the main thing was: if you do shiftlock or first person and hold a or d, does it still play the same animation or does it move the arms and legs a bit right?

It will be normal. Shiftlock will be the same.

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