How do you make maps? (e.g. Open-World, Simulator)

Hey Developers,

Now I’m not a builder, but sometimes I want to build something cool!

I was wandering, how would I make a map?
How do you start?
How do you get higher and higher into actually making a map?

Thanks for reading?


I started by brute forcing it. I would take the buildings set them up 1 by 1. It was slow and impossible to update models.

Instead I started doing it Sim City style: Putting down plots but not buildings then have a script populate the city with buildings.

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It’s all practice practice practice.
You can’t try something creative like a map and expect it to be perfect.

I’d suggest looking at pictures of real world items if you are trying to make something similar.

Remember that the real world isn’t perfectly spaced with all things at 90 degrees to each other. It’s organic. Chairs aren’t perfectly spaced and centered at a desk, roads have weird angles or sections in them.

Heck, I’ve got games/experiences that I’m still updating 8 years later because my early building skills aren’t as good as my skills now.

Hello! I have a few tips of what you can do to get into making maps.

  1. Begin through making Grey Box Layouts. This is essentially the simplest form of your map, made through the basic parts you’re given in Studio. This helps you get the correct measurements and layout for a map and get it feeling perfect. This is an essential practice into getting better at Level Design, and can be considered a profession in itself. Grey boxes are especially useful in creating FPS or Open-World maps. Once you’ve tested the map and you’re satisfied, you can then layer on the details onto it.

  2. I personally didn’t do this, but I recommend watch tutorials on the basics of building. Definitely get accustomed to Studio, learn about good plugins that can help you improve workflow & building style. Practice will always make perfect, and remember, not everyone is in demand for an extremely realistic Roblox builder.

  3. To elevate your building (is what I think you’re asking in the last point), you can experiment with the utilisation of external softwares, such as Blender - which is great for modelling - and through the use of PBR to get custom textures, I recommend sites like Quixel if you’re unable to use software like Adobe Substance Painter. These will give extra touches to your game that may seem insignificant, but will strongly improve the design of a map. (Blender will also improve your workflow the quicker you get when using it).

That’s all the necessary tips I can really think of, good luck!

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Always draw first, and make your own models.

Every time I make maps today I first make the buildings, props, details, furniture, essentially everything that you want to see in your map. After that just ooga booga, caveman brain, just place blocks and those buildings on blocks, easy.

Though, the methods do differ depending on the genre of your game.