How do you make NPC's that look like this?

I’ve tried taking a R15 Rig and reworking the model, etc but I can’t figure out how to make such smooth Enemy Npc’s and it’s killing me. I’d prefer to be able to customize my enemies because I can’t use UGC items on them without permission. So it’s easier to just do it myself.

As you can see there appears to be customization done to an R15 model.

Edit: Half of the question has been answered, but I still need to figure out how to make the Armor, attach it to the body and hopefully have things like robes mold with the arms if needed like UGC Items would.

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Just a bit curious - why are you unable to use UGC assets without permission?

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Try checking this out;

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Oh wow this is a very cool rig!! i think this is exactly what I need! The only issue is I can’t put accessories on it without breaking it. I’d have to figure out a way to motor 6d my own accessories onto it whilst its being animated or something.
Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

Edit: Actually I see in his example game that he has added items to his avatar rather seamlessly, do you know how he did that?

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It’s what I’ve read from everything I looked up. Apparently in the T.O.S it states that they can copyright strike your game if you didn’t ask permission, and they wanted too.

I can’t remember if I actually found that rule, or was linked to a T.O.S that didn’t contain it anymore. I think I found it as well it and that’s why I decided not too ultimately.

I don’t think that’s the case. Once UGC is published and distributed on the ROBLOX platform, users on the platform are allowed to use it in their experiences. Same thing with uploading models to the marketplace. I’ve never heard of that rule and I’ve been developing for nearly 10 years.

Yeah I’m not sure, every time I google’d it responses like this came up

However like I said, when I clicked T.O.S I found nothing relating to it so it must have been updated since. It’s wishy washy, everyone keeps saying you have to get approval or else fear copyright, while trying to find out if that is true is rather hard.

Also do you know how to add clothing to Dogu15? It would save me an hour trying to figure it out XD Just curious

How are you putting on the accessories? I believe the correct way of doing is through using a HumanoidDescription object if you are using a custom character design (not the player’s avatar).

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Thank you I really appreciate it :smiley:, I was trying to do it as you would for your own character so that’s why I was having issues then!
Anyways this rig is perfect and saves me ages of time, I probably also wouldn’t have stumbled across it until I had modeled on multiple Dummy’s and got past the many issues It was causing. I was checking everywhere for rigs. The search on this website I’m still not quite used too. If I type R15 Rig Dogu never shows up.