How do you make responsive Scaled "Star Rank" Clipping Descendent GUI?

I want to make a clipping descendent gui of a “5 Star” image that I can easily cover with Clipping Descendants.

I was able to make this work, however it utilized the “offset” sizing of GUIs, making it incompatible with different resolutions. Here’s what this looked like:

I tried using this thread for support, but the gyazo link above is all of what I could gather from it.

I’m using this plugin to set the scales from offset to scale, but while that makes it compatible for other resolutions, it disallows me to use the trick in the link above.

Here’s how it behaves once scaled:

If anyone has any idea on how I can fix this, or I can replicate the same effect without relying on offset scaling, please let me know! Thank you. I have provided Roblox files of the GUIs with frames labeling which is which. Scale the image labels with the name “Stars” to replicate the effects in the video.
StarsGUI.rbxl (40.1 KB)

Try Crop ScaleType

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Just as it is can work, but is there a way so that it only effects a single side of the image?