How do you make roblox not reset your cookie and log you out?

Hello, I made a bot for group ranking and want to know if there is any possible way to keep the cookie from resetting. I want to know if there is anyway to somehow maintain a session even when the bot is not running like a web browser can be closed yet it will still log you back in when you re-open it.

My cookie for my bot keeps on expiring and I have to log back in every time which I can’t do automatically.

I have looked on the developer forum for a solution to this but, this is all I found
and it fails to answer how to maintain a session even when the browser/bot is closed/not-running.

Any help would be appreciated :smiley:.

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Keep the bot logged in to a session in which the session won’t expire, such as a google chrome profile, if that’s the browser you’re using.
It’s not possible to log out and keep your .ROBLOSECURITY cookie the same, if this was the case, tons of accounts would be compromised alot easier than being able to kick the kid logging you just by clicking a button! The auth/v2/logout endpoint will do this automatically.

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need 2 figure this out as well for my group ranking bot. someone please have a solution.

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Do you know how google chrome maintains the session even after you close the browser though?

Do you use chrome? If so, do you log out of Roblox before you turn off your device?

No, I stay logged in and I use Chrome

Then you just answered your own question!
This is also partially into how chrome cookie logging works in the first place - it fetches the cookies from AppData and does whatever malicious intent the person trying to log you wants.

All sessions and cookies are cached and reload once you relaunch Chrome.
This doesn’t apply for just chrome, other browsers like Firefox, Opera etc also keep cookies valid and sessions authenticated, but have different save locations.

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So if I save the session data somewhere for my bot and then pull it up again when I start it will I be able to maintain the session and not have the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie expire?

Identical to how you stay logged in, if you do this on another instance, it will have the same effect.

Ok, thank you so much!!!

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