How do you make your loop animation look smoother

hello I started learning animation and I made a little loop animation but it looks unnatural like someone replay it, again and again, I want it to look smoother. can anyone help me?

The first pose should as well be the last pose. That way, you would avoid the abrupt transition from the first to the last and then to the first again.

You could try using 1 keyframe for the top of the float, and 1 keyframe for the bottom of the float, and use a keyframe easing style like Cubic to make it smooth.

I would also suggest making the wing flapping consistent, making sure every frame, the wings are always flapping the opposite of what they were last frame. If the last frame doesn’t match the first frame, make the animation 1 frame longer so that you can.

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use more fps when youre animating smoother , more fps = smoother