How do you move a part without breaking the weld constraints

So, I want to make a bicycle but unfortunately, I’ve ran into a problem. I’ve realized that when you move the primary part, the weld constraint would disconnect and break. I have all the parts connected to the primary part using a weld constraint.

To put in contrast, every time I run the game and move the primary part, the weld constraint breaks.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any spare footage to display due to the fact my computer has broke. Because of this tragic incident, I’ll have to be patient and wait until I can boot up my recording software again.

Thank you.


You might want to try the Search button up top to see how others in the DevForum have fixed this issue.

Are all your Parts Anchored?
How are you moving the Model? CFrame? Model | Roblox Creator Documentation? Mover Constraints | Roblox Creator Documentation?
You need to tell us more about what you’re doing, rather than just basically saying “My model breaks when it moves”.
Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame used to be used, but it’s been deprecated by PVInstance | Roblox Creator Documentation.