How do you optimize guis for mobile?

  1. Optimize a gui for mobile.

  2. I have made a gui that works on pc but it goes off screen on mobile?

  3. I have tried UI constraints but they do not seem to work.

I am just curious on how to do this if anyone has wiki links or anything.

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This doesn’t have anything related to scripting

Shoot my bad do you know how I can change it.

go to the position of the gui, then go to X/Y and turn offset to 0 for every single gui.

you cant change subject.

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Ok I did what you said

Nothing happened

U need to use Scale instead of offset. Using offset gives it a Pixel Value, which make it only look good with screens with the Same Resolution. Scale is a number from 0 to 1 and 0 means 0 Pixels and 1 means the whole screen.