How do you prevent something like a text label from overlapping a frame?


I’m trying to stop the text labels in the top frame of my frame from coming out of the blue area, as seen below.

In Studio:
In studio, it looks normal.

In Game:
In an actual game, it looks odd.

How do I fix this?

From what I have seen myself is when I have the side menu’s open like the Team Create chat and the Properties menu open some times it does not size the box all the way and you would need to close the side menu’s to fix that. If that makes sense.

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Thanks, it’s not perfect but it seems to have fixed it somewhat. Roblox frames are just a bit odd.

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I am happy to help! If you need anything shoot me a message! :3

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Thank you, I surely will if I run into any issues! :slight_smile:

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