How do you remove emote profile picture from your profile?

So basically a while back I copy and pasted this code into my browser console to get emote profile’s early and I am trying to remove it


!! After your first time of setting a thumbnail configuration, the thumbnail of that type can not go back to how it was originally.
!! (i.e.: using Idle Animations, camera position). It can only be temporarily reverted if Roblox disables this feature again.

// doing ajax because easy csrf handling w/their middleware lol
  method: "POST",
  url: "",
  contentType: "application/json",
  data: JSON.stringify({
    "camera": {
        // Ranges are inclusive.
        "distanceScale": 2, // 0.5 to 4 (Closeup) 1 (FullBody) - Camera distance scale from the avatar
        "fieldOfViewDeg": 30, // 15 to 45 - Camera Field Of View (FOV) in degrees, slight effect
        // xRotDeg used to exist here.
        "yRotDeg": 0 // -60 to 60 - Camera Y rotation in degrees
    "emoteAssetId": 0, /* The assetId of an emote you own. 0 for no emote. 
    * example: 3696763549 in
    // idleAnimationAssetId used to exist here, it has since been removed.
    "thumbnailType": 1 /* The thumbnailType
    * 1 = Closeup (headshot)
    * 2 = FullBody (bodyshot)
    Closeup and Fullbody can have separate configurations.
}).then(data => console.log(data)).fail(error => alert(error.responseJSON.errors[0].message));
// Logs `{success:true}` if success or website alert if error.

Thats the code I used,
I am trying to get my r6 body shot back to how it originally was, it currently looks like this
whenever I try to go to r6, I have seen some workarounds but nothing to get the body shot back to how it originally was
here is an example of how I want it to be.

I really hope someone can help me


Doing it from PC is hard. If you have a phone, tablet you can adjust it from the app without using js.

I have tried that and unfortunately my avatar is still looking straight at me

Could you try changing yRotDeg to something else than 0. Change it to 30 for example.

Hey! Use a mobile, after that, click “Edit profile picture”, then make your settings, hope this helped!

i got “Camera distanceScale must be within prescribed range.” , and the avatar is still in the same pose

Could have just not loaded I guess? Try waiting a day and try again as Roblox might be having some inside problems again.

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hey there thanks for the reply, I have tried that but I am unable to fix the r6 pose as roblox forces you to change your body type to r15, and you are unable to get the camera angle back to its original position
that’s what I am trying to get it back to, do you see that camera angle?

just to follow on with that if I was to equip the gear now this is what it looks like
its dead center and I am unable to change it

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I can wait I guess, but I feel like I will get the same error as I have fiddled around with those settings before and I got the same error myself.

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Hey, you might have need to use mobile or tablet?

Hey sir, have you tried mobile or tablet?

Could be just working for only R15 I will change to R6 and check it out too.

yeah, I tried it on my android phone, no fix yet.

Ok, then try googling “How to remove profile emote from Roblox?”

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r15 seems to be fine, its just r6 that not working which sucks.

Yeah, it might be.
It’s common to happen.

Sadly the cam works only for R15 I also tested it out with R6 and it quickly changed my pose to a front profile as you said. Sadly that cannot be changed.

oh i have, I looked at different youtube videos and looked on the original github comments no one has been able to restore r6 to exactly how it was before

damn thats a bugger I really hope roblox implements a fix for this or someone somehow fixes this.

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