How do you remove the pivots?

I think it recently came out of beta because I’m not enrolled in any beta or just betas in general, so I can’t just disable it in the betas as I’ve only seen people saying.

So is there a way to disable them or not? I genuinely dislike pivots because they are so stupid.

Click Model tab up top, look for the Pivot Postion section(?) and there should be a Reset tool in those tools.

No, no. I’m not talking about resetting them. I’m talking about just getting rid of them all together and just go back to when it was just on all 4 sides instead of just always being in the middle.

Well, if you aren’t in the beta program, you’re stuck with them. I’d give them a chance though, as they can be quite useful sometimes. :slight_smile:

Under the file tab, click “Beta Features”, then uncheck Pivot beta.

Like @Crazedbrick1 said though, I find pivots to be quite useful sometimes.

As I said in the post, I’m not enrolled into the beta, or just betas in general.

Never mind, I’m just stupid I guess. Apparently I was enrolled into the beta even though I disabled it like, five times. Sorry, y’all.

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