How do you run Roblox on Linux?

Self explanatory, I just want some solutions on how to run Roblox on Linux as I may be switching to Arch Linux.

you can’t because roblox’s quirky engineers are afraid of exploiters because they ALL unanimously use LINUX, as everybody knows.


Don’t listen to the user above or below me. I am a Linux user and I have some solutions for you. (Currently writing this message on Pop OS.)

The best solution I can offer is Waydroid at the time. It’s quite easy to set up. (make sure that you are using Zen kernel though on Arch Linux. Waydroid - ArchWiki There is a whole Archwikipage about setting it up.) Make sure you also have an AMD graphics card for the best performance. You can also follow the instructions given on ROL fandom page about the libndk patch once you have everything squared away.

You can also run a VM hypervisor with HyperV and GPU passthrough too if you wanted to go that route. (You will need a Windows Pro license though because Home won’t allow this level of modification.)

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You don’t.