How do you script a Ragdoll Engine?

Me and my friends recently started development in a game, the game includes a ragdoll script for when you fall, or die.

Can anyone help me with this, my scripting skill is too low for things like ragdoll scripts right now, and I can’t find a video with a good explination of how to script it and how it works.


Currently, I don’t know how to make a system like that on my own, but I can provide a resource to you:

Keep in mind that this is R6, There is another one, that is R15, but it has a problem.
(Keep in mind that if the player’s character dies, their character will stay ragdolled and they will respawn normal, therefore you have the players old character where the reset.)

I hope this helped!


It is not deprecated? It is fairly recent and should fully work. It is also built to be extremely versatile and work with any bundle/game.

Oops, I’ll edit that, but, there is a problem for when you reset / die, you don’t respawn.