How do you script to align the voice chat icon to the left of the chat bubble?

I have activated voice chat to many of the experiences that I have made but there is one small issue that I would like to resolve.

Currently, at the moment, whenever any player types in the public chat window, the voice chat icon either lays behind or lays in front of the typed text. For example, in this screenshot, the voice chat icon lays in front of the text, ‘Testing Testing Testing’

However, I have seen in other experiences (such as the ‘Roblox Community Space’ experience) that the voice chat icon is aligned to the far left. I think this looks very much neater and it is less confusing, especially when a player wishes to use both voice chat and text chat. This screenshot of the ‘Roblox Community Space’ shows how neat this looks.

Is there anyone who can explain how I can script my experiences so that the voice chat icon can be aligned to the far left of the chat bubble please? Thank you.

I have tried to Google this solution and I have tried to search the Developer Forum, to no avail. If you are able to help, thank you.

I think your game is using an older version of the in-game chat UI which may be causing the problem. Do you have any folders named “ClientChatModules” inside studio while editing?

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Yes, you are right. I do have a folder called ‘ClientChatModules’ which controls the chat bubble.

Studio View

Are you suggesting that this should be removed completely?

Yes it should be removed(you may want to store it locally as a backup). To enable the new bubble chat set Chat.BubbleChatEnabled to true.

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Thank you for your help in solving this problem, Pago. I appreciate your input. :slight_smile:

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