How do you see the code for every function inside an Instance?

So for example, say your instance is “Baseplate”, it’s a part, so it has all the functions and events of a BasePart and a generic instance.
How do you see like a table of all these stuff?
Like for example, if Baseplate were to be a table and its only two values was the method “FindFirstChild()” and the property “BrickColor”, it would look like this

local Baseplate = {
"BrickColor" ="Dark stone grey")
"FindFirstChild" = function(self,...)
(Code Here)

And you’d be able to see the names of each property or function and see their values

I would just hardcore them if it’s a one off thing. If you really really need a general solution:

You don’t. I’m pretty sure you cannot see the codes as they are hidden and they are written in C++.

You don’t need a proxy, you can just send a GET request from game directly if you use one that located on a non roblox site like this one:

I had this question awhile ago so I emailed developer relations, you can’t see source code for most functions that belong to instances: