How do you set a boolvalue to true with datastore2?

So when I usually increment a numbervalue I use


How do I do this with a boolvalue?

I tried doing


I also tried


But yeah that didn’t work either…

If you could help that would make my day thanks!

Try Data:Increment(1) since true is the same as 1 and false would be 0.

boolvalue can only be true or false, you can’t add anything to it I believe

Why not use something simple to just set or update the boolvalue, you don’t nessecarly need to use :Increment(), use :Update() maybe.

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this is simple, just change the “increment” for “Set”.


Thank you so much! <3 I’ve been trying to solve this all day.

Okay so it does work but now it won’t save…

Ok nvm for some reason a serverscript didn’t work but I think its because it didn’t detect the datastore but thank you soo much. I used the console and it saves now.

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