How do you set up a HTTP service to print things from roblox?

I would like to make it so that you could send a http request to a website that prints something, what would I code? Here is where I got the inspiration from.

- Br, iSyriux

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You could set this up using Discord webhooks. You could make it post a message to a Discord channel whenever you want! See the links below for some assistance with this. :star2:

:clipboard: Tutorials:
:link: Click Me!
:link: Click Me!

Best of luck with figuring out this! :heart:

Not only is that not helpful to my post, you’ve stylised it like some kind of cafe handbook which is extremely unnecessary and space costly. I know how to use webhooks and this system by the looks of it is completely automated judging by the length of the livestream and the fact that it instantly prints the decal out after you bought the devproduct.

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You can try to make your own server to do that. By listening to HTTP requests, you execute tasks on your machine/network. But if you want to print everything, that’s a lot of ink :flushed:

That’s not alot of ink, it uses black and white dots and probably uses up 0.05% of the ink every time it prints, leaving there at least 2000 times you could print. Also, I’m just trying this for personal use to test out capabilities, and setting up the server is what I’m trying to ask how to do.

You could probably use node.js on your machine, with this module that I just found

When a user inputs the link, you will have to parse the image.
After parsing it, do some manipulation to it and print it with the package