How Do You Spawn A Vechile As Your Default Avatar?

Hi Everyone,

Due to a rise in pouplar games for example Obby But Your In A Bike and other obbys to, I need help on how to custom spawn avatar and I need the player to be in a vechile when spawned.

Let Me Know If You Got Any Solutions


You could use a pre-made bike/car system and edit it’s code to work with CharacterAdded, StarterCharacterScripts and make sure that the code welds a model to the player every time he spawns in, etc.

It should be extremely easy to replicate on a roblox bike tool or something similar. Let me know if I helped!


You could clone the model to StarterPlayer and name it “StarterCharacter”, making every player spawn with the custom character everytime.

Hi Do you think you can show me an example by sending screenshots or something on the dev forum so I can follow the steps your doing because I tried changing the name but It doesn’t work

You think you can show me an example or something that would really help

Hello, this is the example of it, the StarterCharacter is the model of the R6/R15 rig.


As you can see, this works nicely.

Yeah hi there but like can you do an example of a car of a Vergil’s that would help a lot

Haven’t found his car as a model, but you can be a chair if you just weld it to the Torso if that’s what you want to do.


You know how for example the game obby but your in a bike when you join your in a bike and you can move around in the vehicle do you know how to do that?