How do you start doing commission?

Hello There Roblox Community!
My name is P0TAT0RED

I have been developing on Roblox a couple of weeks now and i have a question about commisions.
I have also just got accepted to the Roblox Developer Forum

I have a couple of questions about commisions.
Answer them if you would like to


How do i find people who could hire me?
How do i create a portfolio?
How do i price my builds?
how do i find people that i could trust?

Thanks For Reading

  1. To find people to hire you, you really just need to look everywhere. Reach out to people with hiring posts on the DevForum. Find people through Discord Servers such as Hidden Devs. There are multiple ways. Keep examples on hand, people usually ask for them.

  2. To build a portfolio simply compile a document / DevForum post showcasing your skills. E.g. pictures of your best builds. Typically, you would also include your pricing and availability.

  3. This depends on the quality and scale of the builds.

  4. You often times can’t. You need to judge if they’re trustworthy based on their character and achievements. You can start asking for “down payments” on your services once you have a good portfolio and more experience with commissions.


I think @Rudra_Kalazar covered the number 2 and 3 properly but regarding 1 and 4 I would like to add that Roblox is working on a new site just for those 2 reasons. It’s for future reference and we will be able to post our portofolios there as well.

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Devforum or discord servers like Hidden Developers, Group Recruiting Plaza or more.

You’d need at least 6-8 photos of high quality building - if you don’t I urge you to just make things and open source them. Once you have a variety of your very best work then head to #collaboration:portfolios.

Depending on the quality, time taken and overall outcome of the build - each build varies.

Ensure they are not a known scammer, background check your clients and ensure they have the funds to pay you upfront.