How do you start your builds?

I’ve been planning a large island with two major cities, I have planned out the types of infrastructure and I don’t know where to start, do you guys draw the layout of the map and build it out accordingly or do you just freely build from the center and see where it goes, because I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I really got no answers for myself, can anyone help out?


Usually I just freely build it from the edge out but you can still draw out a layout if you want, sometimes it’s easier for people to draw a layout first so they can experiment the placing and buildings they want.


I start out my builds with a simple sketch but for one building and then I would start building up my exterior and then move on from there.


What I do is 1st I think about that build, 2nd plan it, and 3rd build it.


Personally, I collect several images that’ll inspire me for the project. If you’re building a coffee shop for example, compile pictures from the internet that look like what you’re going for or have elements you’d like to mimic in your build.

For a larger project like the one you’ve described, I find it helpful to begin only by building with large grey boxes. This lets me ‘visualise’ the project and organise the terrain and buildings to be in a good place, and also allows the idea to develop before you actually begin working on it. If you’re only changing grey boxes, large adjustments are simple and helps avoid major changes when you’re deeper into the project.

EDIT: I hope I’ve made sense, but if somethings not clear I’m happy to rewrite it :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m @Lil_SharkyBoy a 3D Artist and Designer on the Platform! Well, this questions depends on the person to be honest. I like to start my builds / blender projects with the really bases.

At the start I usually start just with the needed stuff on the build (i.e a Building, well you start with the bases of it-self). On a more detailed example, I like to actually go to any software that let me make a layout of what I actually want to reach (I recommend! I start with the frames / walls of the structure and then when I’m done with it I like to now put some “decorations” (or references of it).

A clear example would be like this:

Super bad example but you get the idea.

And then just export this into my mind (lol) and then just start building. Some other stuff I could really recommend (but I haven’t tried yet) is actually make some stuff in a 3D Software for a better reference, there’s some free software out there!

An example of using a 3D Software could be:

Made by me some time ago, but it could work on the example too!

Also, if you don’t have a great imagination (like me) and need some references for it, well you can go to google and just like “low poly super maket” and you’ll get some references. You could go to Artstation and search even more references of what you want.

And finally, you now add some color / textures to what you’ve done and now you have an incredible build!

Another way and way more simple, it could be write all you need in some notes and then just start figuring out how to actually make it on Studio, also, there’s tools like F3X that will make your life easier on the Engine!

Also for larger games / projects, as @Foxzes already said I would really recommend to just start wtih cubes and place them where you imagine it could be a building or anything else. After that, you start with the roads / terrain and at the really end you start giving detail for the structures (the cubes you placed)! This allows you to have a better idea and just replace the cubes if you don’t like them or you change the idea you had at the start. :+1:

I hope this helped you to have a better understanding or a better idea of what you could make at the really start f your builds / projects you have in mind! If you need anything else feel free to DM on the DevForums or on Discord (I’ll give it on DMs if you would like to have it)! Wish you luck and the best of all mate. :smiley:


If im making a city type game I always start with all the buildings first. Then after that I start working on the sidewalks and roads. Also, I use google for some inspiration.


Good question.

Normally when I start building something I’ll use an image for choosing my layout for example: (if I’m making an aura effect or anything like that I start with the first effect and then make my way to the top and see what the end result is). Everyone has different approaches yours might be different from others you probably sketch your layout in a software.

I would try to take a look at real-life majority of cities and see how there layout and structure is. I suggest looking at different city’s, it’s really up to you or what your normally going for. Always start simple and play around with how you want your buildings placed in the center and build your road around the area.

Figure out the other parts that could go well with your choice. Pick out the different buildings and place them in there perfect area and build the outer area including things like roads, sidewalks, intersection ect.

TL;DR You could always use a blueprint and see what building structure you’re looking for, there’s always different approaches you could go for choose to your own liking. Find things that inspire you and go from there.


My process:

Concepting -> Basic Layout Drafting -> Block out the map with parts representing entire buildings -> Do medium detailing on buildings like their shape, blocking out the interiors -> Do fine detailing wherever my attention brings me

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What I would do is make a drawing of it, and then in blender I would create an island, then make all of the streets, then create all of the buildings, and then create all the lampposts, details, and then I’d finish with the nature. (Trees, grass, flowers, bushes, etc.)

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