How do you test a game on xbox?

We made a testing account for our office Xbox however there doesn’t seem to be any way to actually test your game as a developer.

  • No way to view favorites (even though there’s a button to favorite games)
  • There is a “my games” sort but this is useless unless you are the owner of a game, not a group
  • No way to join a game by ID

How do we test our game? How do you develop for xbox?


We found a workflow to test your game:

  • Create a second account
  • Friend this account with your main account
  • Have the friend account join the game you want to test
  • Wait for xbox to refresh friend options
  • Click friend, “View Game Details”

I would recommend filing a bug report as there is should be a “My Favorites” sort appearing above “My Games” on the games tab.


We made a new account as a test account, but new accounts need to play 5 games before “Favorites” becomes unlocked. That was the issue!


Might be a good idea to file a feature request as players shouldn’t need to “unlock” a favorites list for games they want to keep playing.