How do you test anticheats?

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I’ve been making anticheats for my own games and I’ve been wondering there is any good way to test them against actual exploits in the studio in order to fix security problems, I’ve been looking around the devforum for something like that but I’ve got no good results. I’ll give an example of what I mean.

Say the owner of a game needs an antifly/noclip script for their game and for whatever reason, they can’t just use an off the shelf one due to how their game is designed, and they need to code it themselves. And so, they attempt to, but when they publish their game, they find out that the code they made didn’t do anything to stop the exploiters as that owner didn’t have any way to test the antifly/noclip in studio before they published it. So it would be nice if there was a way to test it in Roblox studio.

And when I mean, test it in Roblox studio I mean that you should have a local script that you would insert into “StarterPlayerScripts” which would act the same as if an exploiter were to insert that exploit in the actual game.

(This topic is only talking about exploits scripts that aren’t specific to any game, which is why I used the example of fly hacks and noclip, as they are pretty universal. Larger games would have exploits designed for them only, which is its own problem.)


The way a lot of developers are using is installing the most-commonly used exploits, and testing it on their own game. Although be careful with this method, and make sure to not install viruses.

As long as your game is safely verifying almost every single major action on the Server, you should be safe from exploits.


Just get into a VM and download a malware-injected exploit like KRNL then play your game on the vm OR just pay 20 bucks for synapse x on your real computer and then play your game.

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