How do you to make certain tools save when you leave and rejoin a game?

Hello Developers!

So, I was making a game where you could use the in-game currency that I came up with to buy gear in the shop. Since the gear was so cheap, I figured it was fine to make it so the tools don’t save when you leave and rejoin (besides the StarterPack).

I recently added another tool to my shop known as the “Ro-Orb” that I made expensive in my shop given its power. The problem is that it takes a lot of grinding to get unless you have Robux. I want to make a script so only certain tools in the backpack save if the player manages to buy it because it doesn’t seem right to have to grind so much for a single tool only for it to delete when you rejoin the game.

I’ve scoured through YouTube and the DevForum for tutorials about this, and I’ve only found tutorials on how to save the ENTIRE inventory, not just a specific tool.

Does anyone know how to do this?

I’m very new to scripting so I don’t know how to do this :sweat_smile:

Unless you have a script to provide, we cannot help you.

Anyways, here’s something you can read:

I’ll just reduce the price of all the items in the shop then.

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Whats up if you want me to do this for you DM R7#6484

You just need to create a script that will save the items by inserting the item’s ID’s into the script. There are many youtube tutorials on this.