How do you tween parts?

I am working on a game and I need to tween a part to make it like a sliding door but the thing is I mostly only tween frames so parts are new to me. When I tried to find a video on how to tween parts all of them didn’t work. I really need help on how to do this so if you would be kind enough to link a video, type out the code, or link another dev post I would very much appreciate it. Please reply with feedback so I can properly tween a part.

Example: So I want it to be once I step on a part another part will move across the room.

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If you’d like, watch this tutorial. It’s helpful for beginners.

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well I already watched his video on how to tween parts and that didn’t work so is this one different or something because they might be outdated

Theres examples at the bottom of both pages c:

thanks I’ll go check if they work

Please do some research before making these topics, there’s a lot of tutorials about this.

I saw the tutorials but none of them worked

That’s because you didn’t it’s simply. Make a post about that problem.