How do you use the post approval process to post to Cool Creations?

I made something really nice that I had wanted to show to the rest of the developer forum, and I was going to use the post approval procedure to post it to #development-discussion:cool-creations, but I ran into this.

It clearly states here that the message title has to be “Request: Posting Bug Report or Feature Request”. This implies that the request has to be about a bug report or a feature request.

Yet, here it says that you should use the post approval procedure to post to #development-discussion:cool-creations. Wouldn’t the message title be a lie because I wouldn’t be posting a bug report or feature request?

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You don’t necessarily need to follow that all the time. You can change the title if needed to.

It doesn’t state that is has to be that. If you read closely. It says: ‘The message title should be “Request: Posting Bug Report or Feature Request”’

The title can be anything you want. Sometimes the LTC’s will change it to a better one if needed.
So you use the approval process for #development-discussion:cool-creations the same way you’d use it for any other category.

I just improved the description of this rule:

Does it make it clear now?