How do you use translations?

Not sure if this is working yet but how would I change in-game text to match the players language?


It’s not out yet… but the first thing you have to do is actually have translated text for your game to localize with.

Applying the translation once there is support should be the easy part, if you want to get ready for localization you should find some way to get your text translated to the languages you want to support, that will be the hard part.


Doesn’t the translator translate automatically? If not then how would it work? Since you can already code language selection and translation yourself.

No. Even if you had some automatic translation tools, there’s absolutely no way that they would be able to handle the kind of use case that there is on Roblox, which is lots of random one or two word strings stuck into various UI buttons an prompts. Automatic translation simply cannot translate those strings given the total lack of context for all those short bits of text.

What it looks like it will do is provide convenient tools for you to externalize your strings (The TranslationTable), and help with other common tasks like plurality handling (one person – two,three,etc people <-> ひとり – ふたり – 3,4,5 にん) in template strings. You could try to do this by hand yourself right now, but there’s a lot that the tooling can do for you. Plus, the tooling will likely match up with the kind of workflow that existing translation-for-pay services follow.

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