How do you weld all Parts inside a Model?

I’m trying to weld every part within a Model to each other. My goal is to recreate Survive the Bawlz or Survive the Spheres but the problem is whenever I do Model:MakeJoints() or BasePart:MakeJoints() only a few parts will stay together and the rest will break apart and I don’t want to weld the entire map together. I would like to weld the parts to the one they’re touching so the Balls can take them and still move instead of moving the entire map. Any suggestions?


Wow. I’m going to try this. I see you said not to run the code too often. The main game is kind of like a minigame and each map will have certain amount of Parts when its selected and put into the workspace. Also am I putting this script into every single Part or can I put this inside a Folder or Model where the Parts are childed?

Also the Script did not work for me unfortunately. I’m still trying all kinds of random ideas I’m seeing but shouldn’t Model:MakeJoints() work? if so, how come it isn’t? if not, why?

I actually figured it out. All I did was enter an old place of mine that had parts with the Surface Properties and changed all of them to Weld and works just how I’ve been searching the past 24+ hours. Thank you for your help!