How does a clothing item get to the front page?

Is it based off of total robux earned, or number of sales, or both?

Is there a timed system that refreshes the front page?

How significant are keywords?


Some of my friends used to do it but it doesn’t really works really well tbh but you basically buy a pants / shirts for a really high price over 10000+ robux and you would wait like 2 hours and see the sales coming in but these days its really bad and it takes around 8 hours to show up and u would lose like 50% so don’t really recommend it.

Its based off the Price bought for.


I don’t know to well, but I think it depends on how you “sort it”. They have stuff such as “best selling” “Most favorite” “recommended”. I think those solve your questions.

I think favoriting it gets to to the front page more likely though.


I think keywords and sales are important because you will probably get ahead of the 1000 copies of “NEON GREEN BLACK COLOURED PANTS SCIFI 1920s AESTHETIC” if you get some sales but will def be pushed behind those if you cant get some sales, thats why alot of people do homestores now a days since the catalog is basically just a million copies of the same thing clogging everything


Yes, definitely. I’ve found that search results are extremely sensitive and dependent on keywording.

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