How does a game like Critical Strike register these hits?

Projectiles such as in this game, how are they rendered and registered on all clients and server (with un-noticable delay…)

Not a total scripting support question, but I need a base…

The projectiles are registered in the server which replicates to all clients.

Yet, how do they animate the projectiles, whenever i’d use tweenservice on server side it would stutter and lag unless I guess I can use SetNetworkOwner but I dunno

Its not tween, they simply use a body velocity (I think so) or they just set the part’s CFrame over time.

So to achieve this we have

  • Your Client
  • Server
  • Other Clients

In [your client] you should create something like a projectile then fire a remote event to the server sending the projectile and the cframe of it to the server, then the server sends all the info to [Other Clients] then the other clients should make their own projectile in their clients using the info sent from [Server] to [Other Clients] this is how i did mine. Sorry for my grammar lol

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