How does Camping create new servers?

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I want to know how camping teleport players în new servers to don’t ca-n to join in a Started match

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I tryed using createserverasync
Os somethin Like this but don’t work

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I look for soluționa in dev Hub but that don’t helped me

Please who know?


You can’t create new servers, however you can create a private server to teleport them into. You can teleport a group of players by specifying the players you want to teleport.

The documentation for TeleportToPrivateServer has an example on how to use it.


It looks like this question has already been solved here:


make private servers and when player need to join, send request using messaging server and server will reply by invite with its access code

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Ok, but private servers cost robux

Bruh. TeleportToPrivateServer doesn’t actually make you teleport to a private server. It takes a player (or a group) to another server or something like that.

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You need to implement this in a somewhat strange way.

You first need to reserve a private server for your group of players. Be sure to save the resulting access code for the next command.

Then you need to call this function to get them into that server:

I imagine you could do it similar to this:

TeleportService = game:GetService("TeleportService")
GamePlaceId = 12345

function StartGameServerWithGroup(players)
    local accessCode, serverId = TeleportService:ReserveServer(GamePlaceId)
    TeleportService:TeleportToPrivateServer(GamePlaceId, accessCode, players)


not, you must find diference between private server and VIP server, VIP server cost robux, but private server is made by lua function, is free, and its owner id is 0, I have matchmaking system based on this, only deference is, that it also filter players by level, …


In that table i need to insert the players? I think yes


This is so helpful thank you so much you’re my savior!