How does fast cast work?

I would like to disclose that I understand that there is a fast cast module available, however, I would like to create my own similar (and simpler) gun system.

I would rather not use raycasts where the client requests for the server to shoot as ping delay may effect things severely.

I tried using fast cast purely to see how the code works, but it is beyond my capabilities to understand it. Is there any key points I need to know when creating my own gun system that uses bullet travel that is accurate yet hard to exploit? Such as bullets being created server or client side etc. A simplified flowchart of achieving something similar to fast cast would be a god send. Thanks in advanced!

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I’m pretty sure FastCast just handles the raycasts, not networking. You could just make what system you want using FastCast.


I see, but I rather would not want to as I prefer the work in my games entirely done by me. But that’s interesting to note that the module extensively handles raycasts itself.

Then you could make something like FastCast as well! All it does is basically it splits the raycast into really tiny peaces, not sending 1 RayCast from A to B but sending a lot of them throughout the way. Then it creates new position/RayCast every .Heartbeat() and returns when the RayCast is intersected. I don’t make much of weapon systems nor stuff that require use of projectiles, but when I do I would definitely use Raycasting, if you connect it with some great networking model you will get really amazing results!