How does my game look like it feels? feedback appreciated!

Hello, for the past 6 days I started vigorusly developing a tag game, It’s a very simple concept and all you do is pretty much run and tag other players/npcs, but I tried making everything you do feel good

I’d really appreciaate just some feedback, or maybe ideas on what too add cause im open to anything

The npcs are I guess a stilll work in progress, as they cant climb yet, but they can tag other npcs and other players!

NPC Interactions

Mechanics I’ve created :


Sliding (my personal favorite)



I have seen Tag Games like Orungatag or Untitled Tag Game. This one is special because it has momentum and climbing is actually manual(I still can’t figure out how to climb and swing in UTG).but it is not different from others. It’s a good game but there needs to be some sort of differentiator that makes this could add gamemodes and gears. You could add more roles. You could add other types of tags (With Different Gamemodes!).

The mechanics shown are Good. Polish on Effects.


Really means alot man thank you so much for your feedback


the movement is really nice and truly does feel satisfying. Very impressive would love to see the code behind it

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Sliding just feels oddly weird while getting up

This looks great! Just one thing, it may be a little bit hard to click on a character while moving

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