How does my poly grass-base look like without blender?

So I wanted to make a grass-base wall around my lobby that looked poly and this was the outcome. I have already implemented this into my game and I’m considering using this throughout. There are a few notes to ponder before judging:

  • I did not use blender because I wanted to experiment how this build would look without blender. I also don’t have blender and I would probably make a base that’s not in terms with what I would expect due to inexperience.

  • In the grass base are separate parts, meaning if you were to set anchor to false, it would be a giant pancake.

  • I used stravant’s GapFill & Extrude Plugin to make the edges connect and to make it look more poly-like.

If you want to see an in-game version of it rather than just a picture, here is my game link: Obby Wars - Roblox (You might have to copy and paste it into the search bar.)

NOTE: This is my first time on the developer forums making a topic. I had just recently leveled up from visitor a day ago so if I sound unprofessional, then forgive me. I accept all criticism and any feedback.


Don’t worry about sounding unprofessional; you sound fine :slight_smile:

This looks good for a low-poly base, though personally I’d adjust the colour of the dirt. I definitely do recommend trying out blender sometime, though!


Thanks! Also I did do a bit of a lighting adjustment so it was easier to see, but I see that the dirt needs a bit of a color adjustment. Also I will definitely try blender sometime.

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I like the style, keep it up! maybe make the dirt a bit more lighter. It looks :+1:

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Thanks! I will make sure to do some color adjustments.

sorry but to me this looks like it came right from those countless simulators/tycoons…

you know the ones…

god, even mentioning their existence makes me scared.

it looks okay, but it just reminds me of the cash grab simulators with the sole purpose to gain robux from kids.

Thanks! Sorry if it does look like it came from one of those cash grab games, I know what you mean. Although the point of this build is to make it low-poly style, which is a cartoon style. But thank you for your criticism. :+1: