How does my shop decals break the ToS?

I am trying to upload some decals, that i will be using in my in-game shop. But for some reason they get moderated. The reason is “Scaming is a violation of the ToS”. I have read through the ToS and i cant see how this is related to scamming. I hope its allowed to upload the example here.



It’s probably misleading, as people assume it means it would give them 50 robux.

It’s probably a good idea to remove the text from the image and add this in-game with TextLabels. That way it’s more likely to get through moderation.


Another reason for adding in-game text labels is that you might want to change the price in the future, but that would make you redo the images one-by-one again.

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Yes, as your ButtonImage doesn’t have effects on your text, adding TextLabels will benefit you :slight_smile:

  • Can change the text/price anytime
  • Support Translations
  • Better if it’s have a automatic scale Mobile/Tablet/Console, will preserve the quality even if it goes too large.
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That is actually a good idea. I will try that, thanks :slight_smile:

This is similar to an issue I have; I haven’t actually been moderated for decals yet, but this kind of stuff is what sparks concern into me uploading many decals because in this instance you have, the decal moderators fail to see context even when it’s clear (if you put 2 and 2 together, it’s not hard to see it as a gamepass or developer product) and this happens.

I’ve uploaded hand-made railway logos for my stuff before but I’m always skeptical about it because a moderator might see it as ‘something else’.


I feel your pain fellow Developer.

If you are a Member you can Appeal it in a thread.

Or try messaging dev relations on devforum. They might be able to help.