How does my Trade and Shop UI look?

I recently got back into UI Designing and I made two quick examples of UIs, how do they look?

Please be honest and don’t be afraid to critique them somewhat harshly. I used only Roblox Studio, so no 3rd party software.

Thanks for reading! :smiley:


It looks pretty good, tho the contrast for the YES and NO buttons isn’t great.

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Should it be a more mild contrast for the shadows so that it blends in a bit better?

I would just change the color of the text

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Okay, I changed it, better now?

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The simplistic looks, colors, and fonts are great for both! For the shop, I like how you rounded the buttons + added shading to them. It makes the UI look simple, yes, but professional as well.

As for the trade interface, I see you fixed the contrast issues that @StodiusDev mentioned. Looks great! I like how the item image frames match that of the shop, mainly in theme. My only critique is sort of opinionated, so you can make this change only if you feel like it. Personally, I would change “Giving” and “Receiving” to “Your Offer” and “Their Offer” because I think it’s easier to understand.

Other than that, excellent job! I highly suggest considering actually implementing it into a game of yours, or perhaps making a game based of off your UI. Good luck if you decide to!

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Why thank you! I don’t consider myself a professional, especially since I only use Studio while most “advanced” or “professional” UI Designers use Photoshop and stuff. But it is good to know that I am doing things right!

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Looks really good I like how it looks.

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It’s beautiful but I will make more realistic GUI (With more realistic texture) in my game.

It’s really cool! I really like how it is all shaped, and the colours are really cool as well, I am not a UI maker, so I can’t help you a lot, but it looks great!